Muslims have nothing to fear in India: Mohan Bhagwat

Muslims have nothing to fear in India: Mohan Bhagwat
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Muslims don’t have anything to worry in India: Mohan Bhagwat

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Monday stated Hindus and Muslims share the identical ancestry and each Indian citizen is a “Hindu”. Speaking at an occasion right here organised by Pune-based Global Strategic Policy Foundation, he stated “sane” Muslim leaders ought to stand firmly in opposition to fundamentalists and added the minority group doesn’t should worry something in India as Hindus do not maintain enmity in direction of anybody.

“The word Hindu was equivalent to motherland, ancestors and Indian culture. This is not disrespecting other views. We have to think in terms of gaining Indian dominance and not Muslim dominance ,” he stated.

Bhagwat stated for all-round growth of India, everybody ought to work collectively.

“Islam came to India with invaders. This is history and should be told in that manner. Sane Muslim leaders should oppose unnecessary issues and stand firmly against fundamentalists and hardliners. The more we do this at the earliest, the less damage it will cause to our society,” he stated.

India, as a superpower, is not going to scare anybody, the RSS chief stated.

“The word Hindu is synonymous to the rich heritage brought to us by our motherland, ancestors and culture, and in this context every Indian is a Hindu for us whatever might be their religious, linguistic, racial orientation,” he stated at a seminar titled “Nation First, Nation Supreme”.

Hindus and Muslims share the identical ancestry, Bhagwat stated.

“Hindu is not a word that denotes any race, religion or linguistic identity. Hindu is a name given to the rich heritage that strives for upliftment of every living and non-living entity. Hence, for us, every Indian is a Hindu,” he stated.

Indian tradition accommodates various opinions and respects different faiths, Bhagwat stated.

“In line with our culture, which accepts all diverse opinions, we assure that there won’t be disrespect for other faiths, but, for that we will have to ensure that we think of dominance of India and not that of a particular faith like Islam. Coming and being together is inevitable for a prosperous India…for the progress of the motherland,” the RSS chief noticed.

In his speech Bhagwat pressured that it is well-established that Islam got here to India together with invaders and this historic reality should not be hid.

“Saner voices from among Muslims should speak against acts of insanity committed by sections of the community. They will have to firmly oppose hardliners. These are testing times for us,” he stated.

Bhagwat emphasised Muslims do not should worry anybody in India as Hindus do not maintain enmity in direction of anybody and Indians have all the time been dedicated to the well-being of all.

The RSS chief stated folks mustn’t fall prey to fissiparous tendencies.

“Those who want to break the nation try to say ‘we are not one, we are separate’. One should not fall prey to it. We are one nation. We shall remain united as a nation. This is what we, at the RSS think, and I’m here to convey this to you,” he stated.

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan and Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (retd), Chancellor, Central University of Kashmir, had been amongst different outstanding audio system on the occasion.

Khan stated extra range results in a affluent society and added “Indian culture considers everyone equal.”

The Kerala Governor quoted a number of historical scriptures to focus on the all-encompassing nature of Hinduism.

He stated wherever on this planet range was destroyed, civilizations have vanished, whereas solely multi-cultural societies have prospered.

“Indian or ‘Sanatan’ (eternal) culture doesn’t consider anybody different because same divinity is experienced in every living and non-living being in this culture,” Khan stated.

Lt Gen Hasnain stated Muslim intellectuals ought to thwart Pakistan’s makes an attempt to focus on Indian Muslims.

He additionally spoke on the altering geo-political scenario within the gentle of latest developments in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan has been promoting terrorism in India under a grand strategy after its defeat in 1971. After a short lull, the efforts are likely to be fanned again. It will be responsibility of the Muslim intelligentsia of India to defy these efforts of Pakistan,” Lt Gen Hasnain stated.

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