New Mu Variant of COVID-19 Could Be More Vaccine-resistant, Warns WHO

The world is united in what they anticipate the Taliban to do to get recognition in Afghanistan from the worldwide group, the White House stated noting that it’s for China to resolve the place it want to stand on the state of affairs.

“The world is united in what they expect the Taliban to do, which is allow people who want to depart the country to depart. And China has to decide where they are in that effort,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki advised reporters at her each day information convention on Thursday.

United States President Joe Biden, she stated, has stated many instances that there are just a few nations that needed the US to remain in Afghanistan greater than China and Russia as a result of it might have tied up American owned assets, the US army and its monetary belongings and choices.

“Our leverage over the Taliban is a range of things. I mean, one is, of course, access to the global marketplace, which is not just China.

It is a range of money that is in the New York Federal Reserve. That was the Afghan government’s money that they currently don’t have access to,” she stated.

The US is working with a coalition of 100 nations all over the world which have signed this assertion on what their expectations are of the Taliban, she stated, including that the US is working with the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Responding to a query, the White House Press Secretary dominated out lifting sanctions towards the Taliban.

“No one should assess that we are currently considering an easing of sanctions on the Taliban. That is not actively being discussed or pursued. We’ve not reduced sanctions, pressure on the Taliban leaders or the significant restrictions on their access to the international financial system,” she stated.

“We will judge, and we want to make this very clear, we are going to judge the Taliban by their actions and will stay in close coordination with the international community on any steps that we take moving forward. Now at the same time, we also want to ensure there is assistance to the Afghan people: humanitarian assistance and other assistance to keep them afloat and make sure we provide that from the international community at this point in time,” Psaki stated.

She reiterated that the Taliban shouldn’t be an excellent actor.

“No one is saying from the federal government, no one, the president, secretary of defense, no one from the intelligence community, that the Taliban are good actors. We are not saying that. That is one of the reasons we are being so clear that we are not rushing to recognition,” she stated.

“We will be watching clearly. We have a range of leverage at our disposal, including access to the global marketplace. And, of course, we will be assessing. It’s, of course, based on how they treat individuals in the country, how they treat women, whether they let people who want to leave the country leave,” Psaki stated.


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