Big E reacts after historic win at Money In The Bank 2021 (Image Cortesy: WWE)

Big E climbed above many former champions together with Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, King Nakamura and the likes of Riddle, John Morrison and Ricochet to seize the contract, which ensures him a shot on the championship of his of selection until the following version of the MITB PPV.

And he was absoultely delighted to lastly obtain the feat as he aspires to construct a legacy for himself and develop into a champion, whereas he additionally devoted the victory to his New Day allies Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

WWE Money in the Bank 2021 results, recap and highlights

Following his historic win at Money within the Bank, we caught up with Big E to get his ideas on turning into “Mr. MITB”, on performing in entrance of reside viewers once more, John Cena’s return and extra. Here is his response to among the Qs:

Q. Walking out in entrance of the followers on Sunday evening at Money In The Bank, are you able to describe that feeling?

Big E: Oh, man. I had folks attain out to me and inform me “it was kind of a different you in front of crowds”. I attempted my greatest to be enthusiastic within the Thunderdome period however there’s nothing like being in entrance of a reside viewers. There’s this actual pleasure about being again, being in entrance of crowds.

“I’m just appreciative of that energy, of people being behind me and supporting me. It felt like it was a big moment. I think a lot of that is because of the people I was in the ring with, you know. I felt like when I looked at the eight men that were in that match, it was stacked and I think one of the most stacked line-ups you could see for Money in the Bank. It’s a night that I’ll remember for a very, very long time.

Q. What did you think of your fellow MITB Ladder Match competitors performances? Any highlight moments you weren’t involved in?

Big E: Oh, yeah, there’s so many. Ricochet is ridiculous. The dive from the ladder to the rope? I don’t understand how he moves that way. Just incredible in the ring. I feel like there’s so many elements of that match.

Kevin Owens is a maniac. He’s not afraid to put his body through incredible painful things. Pretty much everyone had a moment, you know. We’ve seen Drew dive before, that’s not super special, but it IS special. I don’t know if people understand how large Drew McIntyre is. He is a very large man to be taking off like that.

Q. You were a clear fan favourite going on. What did that support mean to you?

Big E: It means a lot to me. That’s what we do it for. The point is to get people invested, to have them in the palm of your hands, to feel like we’re all on this ride together.

This collective of people who are really invested in seeing one thing happen. The outpouring of love from fans and my peers, I’m just so thankful and appreciative. The reaction has been so overwhelmingly positive. I couldn’t ask for a better moment.

Q. John Cena returned to WWE at Money in the Bank. How excited are you to see him back?

I really watched it as a fan. It can be very easy to get jaded when you’ve been around so long and you feel like you’ve seen so many things and matches, but, that was one of the loudest reactions I can remember.

That’s an all-time great reaction. Seeing these two Titans line up, guys who have history, who have gone back and forth on the mic before. Roman is a guy that’s not going to just step aside. Seeing Cena back and in front of Roman – I feel like for a moment, I stopped being a co-worker, I stopped being a WWE Superstar, and I just became a fan.

Q. WWE just announced a contest with TikTok to find the next great ring announcer to debut at SummerSlam – any advice for people entering?

Big E: My advice would be to give it your best, but to bring your own flare to it. Obviously you want to be professional, but you know, I think the beautiful thing is you also want to stand out.

Someone like Howard Finkel, who was so iconic and such a professional, had his own spin, his own flare and he’s a one-of-a-kind. Don’t be afraid to try something a little bit different, a little bit unique, to stand out.

Q. What can we expect from Big E: “Mr Money within the Bank”?

Big E: I want to be myself. I want to have fun with it. I also want it to be about purpose and determination. I’m here for a reason. I’m here to be a Champion and I’m here to solidify my legacy.

I don’t just do this for myself. I do this for Kofi and Woods because I know I didn’t get here without them. I hope the reaction for that cash-in when I finally do it, when I finally become Champion, I hope that’s one of those all-time great pops too.

Is he planning on making any BIG decisions about cashing in his briefcase this week? Find out this Friday (July 23) on SmackDown exclusively on SONY TEN 1 and SONY TEN 3 Channels or the SONY LIV app!

Source: WWE

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