A Covid checkpoint manned by volunteers. (Pic courtesy Sohail Khan)

After Uttar Pradesh, instances of Covid-19’s Kappa variant have been now present in Rajasthan.

“Eleven instances of Kappa variant of Covid-19 have been detected in Rajasthan,” State Health Minister Raghu Sharma was quoted by ANI as saying late on Tuesday.

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Last week, two cases of the Kappa variant were detected in Uttar Pradesh.

According to experts, the Kappa variant, also known as B.1.167.1, is a double mutant strain of the virus that has raised red flags and prompted global gene surveillance to check for its prevalence and propagation. The double mutation is a distant lineage since it consists of two viral types. The E484Q mutation, which is identical to the E484K mutation identified in the fast-spreading Brazilian and South African variants of concern, is one of them. It also contains the L452R mutation, which allows the virus to evade our immune system’s natural defences.

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